Key Financial Governance Challenges

Consolidation of information is a manual and intensive process

  • The process is lengthy and error prone, leading to poor decision making
  • Inability to comply with New Local Government Municipal Budget & Reporting regulation (Gazette No 32141 dated 17/04/2009)
  • Limited ability to do financial and predictive analysis
  • Limited ability to align IDP (Integrated Development Plan) with the budgeting process
  • No dashboard facility to enable Executive Stakeholders to monitor KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

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  • Enable bottom-up and top-down planning.
  • Enable a planning process that is validated against strategic objectives of the Municipality and provides predictability into long range forecasting or plans, (15 – 20 years).
  • Apply various historical or industry scenarios to impact reasonableness of budgets.
  • Ability to ensure Key Ratios are intact.
  • Accelerate decisions – With a single source of truth, users can reduce planning cycles, obtain real-time insights and make more informed decisions.
  • Collaborate in every way – Use of a single solution in place of point solutions allows users to integrate multiple data sources and align top-down strategies with bottom-up execution.
  • Be agile – Users can easily perform data analysis, use what-if scenarios, and adjust plans and forecasts in real time to anticipate or adapt to change