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Utilities sector

We harness the full power of our solutions and skills to create Industry 4.0 utilities. Smart utilities combine the intelligence of people, systems, processes and data streams to improve customer services, optimise asset management, and maximise forecasting, production and supply.

We give you a consolidated customer view, optimised capital allocation, and predictive maintenance management.

And we can inject machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) directly into your operational systems to cut costs and downtime, boost service delivery, and make the most of existing resources.

Success Stories

We helped an organisation with 550 000 customers, who are split 30/70 between B2C and B2B, digitalise its operations to improve its customer experience, ramp up employee efficiencies, and streamline operations.

Featured Case Success Factors include:

  • Integrated business systems

  • Single view of customer, centralised database

  • SMS integration to close the customer feedback loop

  • A mobile customer application for service management, querying, bookings, line of business contacts, and viewing information

  • A digital application submission process

  • All employee processes mapped

  • Integrated field workforce to close the customer query loop

  • Streamlined customer contact agent processes

  • Real-time customer contact data deduplication

  • Error-free customer contact data capture

  • Automated project designs and approvals

  • Automatically track assets and expenses to maximise asset utilisation and determine cost-effectiveness

  • Automated reporting across departments

  • Automated KPI, performance monitoring and profitability of branches and employees

Industry 4.0

550 000 happy customers. Do you want smart solutions? Let’s do it.

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We harness the full power of our solutions and skills to create Industry 4.0 utilities.


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